Miscellaneous Q&A

What is a “fiber gateway” box?

The fiber gateway box is the electronic network device which the PUD puts on your home or office building to connect you to their fiber network.

Here is a sample  picture of one:

Grant County PUD Fiber Gateway Box














Why does the Grant County PUD fiber Internet connection need power from inside my home?

It is because of a change that the PUD made in May, 2015, in how they power the Internet fiber gateways.

Prior to this time, they used to install the gateway and power it from their side of  the electrical service on your home or business.
They told us that this cost them quite a bit of money, about $430.00 average for each power supply connection. Add this to the money they have to spend for the fiber gateway box and connecting everything up, and you have a lot of money for each connection.

They said they wanted to eventually install remote meter reading devices in every PUD meter and the the meter reading devices would take up part of the space used by the old-style power supplies. Some PUD get around the problem by purchasing and installing a meter base extender ring to provide more room for the remote meter reading devices.

Our PUD said they had the discussion with their electrical people, who did not want to use the extender rings, so they decided to go a different way. They found a cheaper, external power supply unit that would plug into the customer’s wall  plug and power the fiber gateway. That is what they decided to use.

So that is why they now need an electrical outlet either inside or outside of your home to power the fiber gateway.




They, the PUD, also decided that they would no longer install the power supplies for the customers and so that is now part of the customer side of the installation.

At Grant County PowerNet, we can install the power supply for you (we charge for this), show you how to do it, or recommend a good local installer to do it for you.

If you decide to do it yourself, we have the power supplies at our office and will give you one.

The PUD covers the actual cost of the power supply.

Call us if you have any more questions on this subject.