Basic vs Premium Service


(What is the difference)?

It is a PUD definition for their support services.

The actual fiber connections in both cases are exactly the same.

The PREMIUM account subscription enables us to get weekend and after -hours call-out technical support from the PUD in case you have a problem related to PUD Equipment, like a Gateway going down.


Example: It is 7:00 PM at night. You own a restaurant and depend upon the Internet for processing your credit cards. The Internet stops working and it is a PUD gateway problem.

If you have the PREMIUM connection from the PUD, we can call and get a PUD technician dispatched to come and replace your downed Gateway and get you back on line. Without the PREMIUM connection status, the call would go into the PUD’s regular weekly work queue and it might take a couple of days for the PUD to get to you.


If you depend upon having your Internet service working seven days a week, we highly recommend that you upgrade your account to the PREMIUM service.


If you can live without Internet for a couple of days if your PUD Gateway fails, then the BASIC connection will serve you fine.


Remember, they are the same in connectivity and speed.