Gateway Power Hookup

Here are some photos showing how the gateway power supply wiring is supposed to be hooked up (connected).

It isn’t difficult to do it, but there are some caveats and rules that must be followed.

1) You need to use outdoor certified wire that is 16 gauge in size. DO NOT USE SMALLER WIRE!

2) The maximum length for the 16 gauge wire is 30 feet.

3) Here is how the connection inside the gateway is supposed to look when properly done.

4) Here is what the other end should look like when finished. This is the power supply end.

If you follow these photos you will have everything correctly wired.

Make sure that when you strip the insulation back and out the bare wire up into the connectors that you get it all the way up inside and make sure that both connector screws at each end are securely tightened down so that they make good contact.

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