Good News and Bad News 07/21/2020

Well, good news and maybe some bad news. Let’s do the good news first. 🙂

The past few months have been very good to us as an Internet service company. We have been experiencing good growth and many people have been signing up for our services. It is exciting.

But now the “bad news”.

More customers means more people using the Internet. And now the “big” upgrade that we made a year ago last summer has nearly been consumed. We just started bumping up to one of our “limits”.

And I think it may be affecting some people and their connections, especially in the evening. It actually caught me by surprise because I have not noticed it at my home.

But while investigating a connection call last week, I asked our upstream transport people for some traffic flow information and was surprised to see that sometimes we are bumping up to our limits.

So, this post is to let you know that we are aware of it and we are working at addressing the issue.

Today, I called our upstream people and asked them to open up the pipe some more. I also told them that it was URGENT and that I did not want to wait a month or so for them to do it. We need it now! So they said that they would jump right onto it and get it done. So that is where we are.

Now, another piece of good news.

In order to get the “pipe” opened up further, we need to spend a lot more money. But that’s OK, we want good access and service. And because several more people signed up with us, we have the money. So it won’t affect prices at your end. It will come out of our part.

We realize that things are pretty tough for some folks at the moment. And that concerns us. We want and need the company to be in good financial shape so that it can continue, but we aren’t looking to scalp the market and try to own everything.

Hopefully the only time we will ever need to raise prices is if the PUD actually raises them to us. And that hasn’t happened for about three years now. So things right now can stay the same.

Well, there you have it, “good news” and “bad news” and “good news”. What I appreciate is your great patience with us as we work through this.

You, as customers, are the best.

And I sincerely hope that we can get this issue upgraded and addressed and that it solves the problems that we are hearing about from a few people.

Have a great day!

Clint Bridges, Owner
Grant County PowerNet


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