Happy Valentines Day

What a day so far! We started with a severe router issue about 4:30 AM that kept us down until about 8:30 AM. This is very frustrating after having spent nearly $10,000 since November trying to solve the problem. Anyhow, we are up and running one of our backup routers at the moment, one of the ones which has a capacity limitation that usually raises its ugly head in the evening hours. But there is some good news on the horizon.

Last week, we ordered a different brand of main router and it is supposed to be here on Wednesday. I am guessing that it will take perhaps a week to get it configured and installed. Then we will make am early morning switchover and see if it doesn’t solve our trouble. But we have to get from here to there. So we will look at the one which gave us the issue this morning and see if it is still serviceable or why it quit doing its job this morning and go from there.

Also we have some long-range news that will not happen until the month of June. We will be moving our upstream connection to a different location where we will have access to an upstream capacity about five times larger than what we currently have at our downtown location. That is all in the works, just have to get there. I am looking forward to it. Also, in the future, later this spring, we plan to deploy IPV6 network addresses on service. That was going to happen this January/February but the troubles with the router have preempted deployment until later.

OK, that’s the news we have. We are watching the network to see if anything else is going to happen this morning. Have a good Sunday morning.

Clint Bridges
Grant County PowerNet

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