Maybe The Storm Is Over – February 21, 2019

Dear GCPowerNet Subscribers,

Whew! I have my fingers crossed.

After many days of tracking and chasing down issues, and working with the great PUD guys, Bill and Rene, and the folks at the NoaNet help desk, we think we have a calmed down and functioning network again.

Super Hero
We nearly had to call in Super Heroes

What was it?

Well, it may have been a number of things, which singularly by themselves might not have caused the chaos, but which together made a poisoned brew. I am still not entirely sure.

After days of searching and calling and trying different things, we found customer routers that were connected backwards and some which had gone crazy and which were spewing thousands of packets per minute out on the network. We even found one that accidently set to be an access point and which wasn’t even protecting its owners from the bad guys in the Internet world. Scary, huh?

But the network seems to be clean and running much better now.

We also spent $$$ getting support from our “smart” network guys in Texas, having them go over and check all of our settings to see if by chance we had made an “oops” somewhere that caused the chaos.

While we are glad that they gave us a clean slate and said things looked good we almost wished that they would have found the magic “it” that did it.

But they didn’t. And we are still paying them to look for a while longer.

So today was very quiet.

It has become the normal business office again with people calling about making their payments and asking about getting signed up.

So we are breathing a little easier. It was hard for a while….

We were unhappy, too!
We were unhappy, too!

We will continue to monitor and we will continue to “sniff” the network and look for more possibilities.

I am so very glad to be able to tell you today that we are doing better.

And I hope that it is good for you, too.

Call us if you notice something weird going on. We are still here. The office number is (509) 766-1345.

And if it is after regular business hours PLEASE leave us a voice mail message so that we know that you called.

Spring may finally come, complete with lots of sunshine and flowers…and I am ready for it.

Have a good weekend,

Clint Bridges
Grant County PowerNet

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