More Grant County PUD Fiber Issues – Monday 08/06/18

We just started getting more calls from customers saying that they fiber connections were dropping. We called NOANET to ask what is happening and they told us that there is another problem going on with the Grant County Fiber network and that it is affecting many customers.

So do not touch your equipment, it is not you and it is not our upstream, it is in the PUD equipment.

Hopefully our good folks at the PUD will get it figured out quickly.

Clint Bridges
Grant County PowerNet

Update: Monday Evening 08/06/18

I stayed at the office until after 6:00 PM this evening answering telephone calls. Around 4:40 it appeared that things might have been resolved at the PUD level but we continued to get phone calls from customers even after that time. Later, around 5:30, while calling NOANET to have them check a customer gateway, they commented that the Grant system was still responding very slowly when they tried to use it. So maybe it is not yet resolved.

We still have no word from the Grant County PUD as to what happened ro what has caused yesterday and today’s problems. We also do not have any times or dates from them as to when it will be repaired. Hopefully it will be soon. We did hear that it was affecting all of the Grant County Internet providers.

Clint Bridges
Grant County PowerNet

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6 thoughts on “More Grant County PUD Fiber Issues – Monday 08/06/18

    1. Dear Nicholas,

      I just posted an update above. Yes, it is a bummer when it doesn’t work. Hopefully it will be repaired quickly.

      Clint Bridges

  1. Does anyone one know of a failover ISP available in the Moses Lake Area, Verizon Cell, etc. if Grant fiber goes down who is still active ?

    1. Dear Garth,

      One of the problems is that nearly all the broadband services in Moses Lake use PUD fiber to transport out of Grant County. Possibly CenturyLink, having pulled their own fiber into Grant County, might still be independent.

      Clint Bridges

  2. I am curious as to why the Powernet. website is coming up “Not Secure”. It states that the security certificate is expired. I was going to make my monthly payment but I am not sure if it would be very safe to do so at this, time due to these reasons. I noticed this several days ago. Should a customer be concerned about this?

    1. Eric,

      Sorry, I just spotted this comment. The connection to the website is not secure due to a certificate problem we are currently having.

      That means that pages going to your computer are not being encrypted from our web server to your browser.

      This does not affect using the online payment pages.

      Each of them re-directs you to a secure site separate from ours and your connections at Paypal or Authorize net are completely secured by them as they take your payment.

      Clint Bridges

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