New Router Update – 03/08/2021

Dear GCPowerNet Subscribers,

After three weeks of having to live with the slower evening performance provided by our older main Internet router, we are nearly ready to install the new one.

Two bring everyone up-to-date, in case you have not been following us on our Facebook page, last fall, we reached a point where the main router that were using to handle traffic here at the shop proved to be unable to do everything we were asking of it. So we made purchase and bought a new model that had about twice the capacity of the one that was in place. We thought that would solve the issue but the new router proved to have its own issues and so we switched again, this time buying a Cisco ASR series router.

The Cisco arrived about two weeks ago and we contracted with a person skilled in configuring it to replace the router currently in place. It has taken longer than I would have liked to get the new once configured but I think we are now very close to having it ready. IF all goes as planned we will be able to test it at the end of this week. If it passes the tests then we will install it and start using it. This new Cisco is supposed to have more than enough power to address out Internet needs for several years. What that should translate into for you, the end users, is much better evening download and upload speeds overall. These past few weeks have indeed been difficult ones for all of us. It will be good to have things back working at their full speeds again.

Clint Bridges, Owner
Grant County PowerNet

Author: webmaster

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