Oh-Oh! Trouble!

It appears to have been a customer router at a home that was plugged in incorrectly. We went out and fixed it and things appear to be working better now.


Attention: GCPowerNet Subscribers

We have something strange going on.
And at the moment we are not exactly sure what it is.
What is going onOver the weekend we got half a dozen calls from folks having up-and-down connection issues. We checked the usual things that might possibly cause issues and did not find anything. But we are pretty sure that there is something happening.
Last Thursday morning we had some of our upstream carrier people come to the shop to run some tests on an upstream circuit from CenturyLink. They did not find an issue with the CenturyLink part of the connection but they did find a “dirty” connection on a fiber connection which linked them to CenturyLink.
They cleaned the connection and replaced the optical part that the fiber connection plugged into. They said that it reduced some kind of a data error that they were seeing by about 95%. But they still weren’t satisfied and said they would continue to look into the issue.
But the data errors that they said that they had been seeing hadn’t really been affecting our normal day-to-day usage. In fact it was news to me that there even was an issue. I say that to explain that whatever is going on may or may not be related to the circuit issue.
But I have called the circuit people this morning to ask them about it and to follow up with them.
In the meantime we will continue to check our equipment and contact the PUD to see of they are seeing anything on their part of the connection. When we get more information on this we will let you know.
I just wanted to keep you informed as to what might be happening. The Internet has become so important to all of our lives that when there is an issue or something doesn’t work right it is a pretty big deal. You are pretty important to us as customers and I think it is important to keep you informed.
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