The New Fiber Buildout Area and Addresses

Fiber is Coming Again!

We are excited because the Grant County PUD has given up on finishing their Internet build-out with the much slower wireless radio definition. We openly disagreed with those at the PUD who made the decision. The disparity in performance and actual data-carrying ability for the home user is immense. We have operated wireless Internet connections for many years and believe that they have place in today’s Internet world. But nothing wireless can replace fiber. At least at this moment it cannot.

Fortunately, those at the PUD who pushed the wireless plan through have retired and are no longer making the important decisions. New folks are in their place and the new people are committed to getting the fiber system built-out as quickly as possible, depending upon PUD cash flows.

So, the next good news!

The PUD has released to us all of the addresses in the new fiber build-out area and it is am exciting choice. A good portion of our existing customers who are served by wireless connections will no be able to have full-fiber connections to their homes. I will be posting addresses here over the next few days so that you can look up online and see if the fiber will be available to you.

We, at Grant County PowerNet, will be providing a very easy and affordable path for anyone who wishes to (1) switch their wireless to fiber and (2) get fiber for the first time. More details will be coming shortly.

In the meantime, be excited. Fiber is coming again it is going to be great!

Clint Bridges
Grant County PowerNet, Inc.
(509) 766-1345