Trouble! Trouble Right Here…please read this…

Dear GCPowerNet Subscribers,

We are having trouble. For the past week, starting last Monday, February 11th, we have been seeing some strange things happen upon our network.

People have been calling to say that they are losing their connections to the Internet, that their connections stop working and then after they reboot
their routers things start working again…sometimes…and some folks can’t get reconnected unless they have their PUD gateway rebooted.

We have been working on it, looking for problems.

Last week we put our network sniffers on the network looking for routers that were plugged in backwards and for anything that might be causing the strange
problems. We found some backwards routers, had them removed or straightened out, we found some dirty computers (spyware and infections) and called their
owners who are having them cleaned and fixed. But none of those thing seemed to have fixed the problem.

Today, we probably had forty people call us at the office, telling us that things out there in your world are not too good at the moment. This saddens us
because we really do want you to get the best service from us.

Today, we called our router management people and had them log into our main router and check everything over thoroughly. They made a few adjustments but said
they did not see anything that would account for what has been happening. They are going to keep monitoring the router for the next few days and try to
see if they can find a problem.

We also contacted the PUD and have them watching and working with us very closely to see if they can determine what is happening. They are great people and
are always willing to help us. Makes me glad that we have them.

But for now, we still do not have it figured out.

So please call our office phone, at (509) 766-1345. Leave us a voice mail message if it is after working hours and tell us what you are experiencing. We are gathering
everyone’s information together to try to figure out what is common to all of them.

You may or may not be able to get your connection going by powering off your router and repowering it up again. We have seen that work sometimes and not at other times.

One way or another, like we have in the past, we will get this figured out. I am sorry that it is causing such an interruption in your everyday lives at the moment.
It is not good, we all depend upon and use the Internet for so many things it is hard to live without it.

Clint Bridges, Owner
Grant County PowerNet, Inc.
220 S Ash St
Moses Lake, WA 98837
(509) 766-1345

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