Troubleshooting – TP-LINK Router

TP-Link Router Lights

TP-Link Router Lights:

This is what you should see on your TP-LINK router when everything is working properly. When you see this you should be able to get a connection to the Internet through it.

(1) The first light on the left is the POWER light. It should be green and steady.

(2) The second light from the left is the 2.4GHz wireless connection light.

(3) The third light from the left is the 5GHz wireless connection light.

(4) The fourth light, it looks like the planet, Saturn, is the Internet connection status light. It tells you if your router has successfully connected to the Internet (Green) and if it is a good connection.

(5) The next light, the fifth from the left, is the Ethernet network connection light. It tells you if something is plugged in and connected to one of the four Ethernet ports on the router.

(6) If you have the light that looks like a pitchfork, that is a USB connection status light.

(7) And last of all the WPS light. It tells you if something is trying to connect to your wireless using the WPS function of the router.

You can look at the chart below for more information on what the lights tell you.


Not all of the TP-LINK routers use or have the same light system. But the symbols, even though they may be in different places on the router, still represent the same function.