Study the information above.


What we need to do is figure out where the problem is.


We do this by going through a short diagnostic procedure where we start eliminating things that may be causing the problem.




Begin by doing the the steps below.


1) Restart your router and your computer to make sure that they are not hung up.


2) Test it.

If it does not solve the problem then go to step #3.


3) If you have a laptop or desktop computer with a network port, then unplug your router from the Internet and plug the cable from the PUD box directly into your laptop or desktop computer.

Now restart the computer.

It should “see” the connection and go on to the Internet.

If it does and if it runs well then you maybe having a router problem and may need to replace your router. Call us.


4) If you do not have a laptop or a desktop computer with a network port then go to #5.


5) If you tried bypassing the router and there is still a problem, then call us at (509) 766-1345. If it is after regular business hours, PLEASE LEAVE US A VOICEMAIL MESSAGE. Speak clearly and tell us what the issue is and leave us your name and your callback number.



If you get lost or if you are not a “techie” person, PLEASE CALL US. Too often we get calls from people who complain that they have not had Internet for a week or two weeks. We ask them if they called and the answer is usually “No”.

We cannot help you or fix your connection unless we know there is a problem. So call us.


Grant County PowerNet
(509) 766-1345