Wireless Internet Problem – January 10th, 2019

To all GCPowerNet Wireless Subscribers located out on Road K NE, the Crystal Springs Area and also those who may be getting wireless out by Road 11 NE and Road 10 NE or beyond.

We have a problem with a PUD gateway in the Ridgeview area which feeds wireless Internet out to Road 7 NE and beyond. We have called the problem into the PUD and have a trouble ticket opened with them. They are supposed to replace the gateway sometime tonight.

Please do not make any changes to your wireless radio settings. When the PUD gets the gateway replaced, everything should start working again.

Thank you

Clint Bridges
Grant County PowerNet

Follow Up:

It appears that there was actually a PUD Power outage in the area and that the power was restored about 7:00 PM and everything came back up.

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