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Grant County PowerNet, Inc.
220 South Ash Street
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Ready for Internet Service that is FAST, UNLIMITED, PRICED RIGHT with LOCAL TECH SUPPORT?

We have it!

Located in downtown Moses Lake, Washington, Grant County PowerNet can provide you with a superior Internet connection using the Grant County PUD Fiber Network System.

Here are some of the features and some answers to common questions:

1) Is it an unlimited connection?

Answer: We do not have any strict usage limits. We do not bill based upon bandwidth charges.

2) How fast is it?

Answer: While we can not guarantee Internet speeds because of the many variables involved, we typically see bursting speeds between 60 to 95 megs when running SpeedTest to different locations.

Some of the factors which can affect Internet connection and download speeds are: the busyness of the PUD network, the limitations of the Internet site you are going to, your computer and the programs you have running on it, the type of Internet router that you have, the quality of the network cabling at your home or business, and wireless interference within your home or office and also some of the management things which we do to ensure that our networks run consistently and properly (see next paragraph below).

(Added 01/29/2016 – for clarification to our policies)

Because of the heavy demands placed upon modern networks, we do run software which prioritizes traffic on our network. This software will give first priority to video streaming traffic and voice over IP traffic (phone) to ensure that they will work. Other lower demand needs like web page browsing and email are low volume items and do not require large amounts of bandwidth for successful and satisfactory operation. They are prioritized lower than the video and phone traffic.

Large downloads (like on-line game updates – many gigabytes in size) may be affected by this software. They will usually still download but they will slow down after timed interval and will take some extra time to complete. We recommend that you plan these kinds of downloads and updates to run during the less busy early morning hours between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 AM.

Bit Torrent Streaming:

If you are someone who depends upon using bittorrent streams to download your software, music and other items, we recommend that you go into your bittorrent downloading software and limit the number of downloading streams to a very low number to ensure that your downloads do not interfere with your Internet accessibility.

3) Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Answer: No, your account is a by-the-month account. You pay for the month you are going to use. You can close your account at any time. Just call us or send us a written notice advising us of the date that you wish to have the account turned off.

4) What about going South in the winter or on a long vacation?

Answer: If you are a “snow bird” and like to head South when it gets cold or if you are going on a long vacation (over a month), you can call us and we will shut off your account with no penalty charges. This stops the billing charges while you are away. You can turn it back on when you return. This saves you money while you are away and traveling.

5) What are the prices:

Answer: We have special prices for new users. See below.

$39.95 for the first Three Months

Our Regular Monthly Fiber Internet Service Rates:

$ 49.95 Monthly
(no contract – no usage limit)
Home and Small Businesses
(Up to 10 computers or devices)

$ 59.95 Monthly
(no contract – no usage limit)
Home and Small Businesses
(Up to 10 computers or devices)

Call Us
Businesses – Large scale businesses
(More than 25 computers or devices)


(What is the difference)?

It is a PUD definition for their support services.

The actual fiber connections in both cases are exactly the same.

The PREMIUM account distinction enables us to get weekend and after regular business hours call-out technical support from the PUD in case you have a problem related to PUD Equipment, like a Gateway going down.

Example: It is 7:00 PM at night. You own a restaurant and depend upon the Internet for processing your credit cards. The Internet stops working and it is a PUD gateway problem.

If you have the PREMIUM connection from the PUD, we can call and get a PUD technician dispatched to come and replace your downed Gateway and get you back on line. Without the PREMIUM connection status, the call would go into the PUD’s regular weekly work queue and it might take a couple of days for the PUD to get to you.

If you depend upon having your Internet service working seven days a week, we highly recommend that you upgrade your account to the PREMIUM service.

If you can live without Internet for a couple of days if your PUD Gateway fails, then the BASIC connection will serve you fine.

Remember, they are the same in connectivity and speed.

How do I get a Grant County Fiber Internet Connection?:

Here are the usual scenarios for installations:

1) Moving into a location (home or business) that has previously had PUD Fiber services.

a) Call us. (509-766-1345) We will check with the PUD to make sure that the PUD gateway box is there and that it is functional.

b) Order the service. (Payment for your first month of service is required at this time)

c) The PUD will turn on the service at the gateway box.

d) We will assist you in getting your Internet router configured and your devices connected.

e) Enjoy your new Internet service!

2) Moving into a location that has not previously had PUD Fiber services.

a) Call us. (509-766-1345) We will check with the PUD to make sure that Fiber services are available at your location.

b) Order the new service. (Prepayment for the hookup is required at this time – See the prices below)

c) The PUD will install the new Fiber Gateway box at your location. When everything on their end is completed they will contact us and let us know that they are finished.

d) We will come to your home or business and install the necessary CAT 5 network cabling and the special power supply required to power up the PUD Fiber Gateway. We will also set your Internet router and your computer and other devices and make sure that everything is working properly for you. (There is a charge for this service – call our office to find out more.)

e) Enjoy your new Internet service!

Grant County PowerNet, Inc.
220 South Ash Street
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Phone: (509) 766-1345

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