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Tired of network trouble and usage limits?

Get a better connection using the Grant County PUD Fiber system.

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Grant County PowerNet, Inc.
220 South Ash Street
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Our Fiber Internet Service is FAST, RELIABLE, and it is PRICED RIGHT and we offer you LOCAL TECH SUPPORT!

With a local office in downtown Moses Lake, Washington, Grant County PowerNet can provide you with both, a superior Internet connection using the Grant County PUD Fiber Network System, and good tech support.

Here are some of the features and some answers to common questions:

Is it an unlimited connection?

Answer: We do not have any strict usage limits. We do not bill based upon bandwidth charges.











You pay one price and you get to use it.

We do not charge usage penalties.


How fast is it?

Is it faster than a speeding bullet?









Answer: Actually, the answer to that question is “Yes”, it is faster than a speeding bullet.

Data packets travel through the fiber strands at the speed of light, which is about 186,000 miles per second, and that is fast!

What you are really asking is,

“Does it take a long time to load up web pages and download things?”


Answer: “Not usually.”

While we do not guarantee Internet speeds because of the many variables involved, we typically see bursting speeds between 60 to 95 megs when running SpeedTest to different locations.

Because fiber has a really high capacity for moving data, so it really excels at delivering big things to your location.


Does it slow down when you put a load on it like some Internet services?











Answer: No, not really, Fiber Internet has an amazing capacity to carry a heavy load of data.

It is really something wonderful.

After you get used to it, you will probably be spoiled for the rest of your life. (Just kidding!)



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Grant County PowerNet, Inc.
220 South Ash Street
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Phone: (509) 766-1345

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