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Note for our subscribers: (added 01/26/2015)

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High Speed Fiber Internet Services:

We provide high-speed fiber Internet access service to homes and small businesses within Grant County using the high-capacity, broadband fiber network owned by the Grant County PUD. There are several steps to the process. In the next few paragraphs we will try to explain it for you.

(1) Fiber Gateway Box

The first thing you need for fiber service is a fiber gateway box from the PUD.

Grant PUD Fiber Optic Gateway Box

Grant Pud electrician installing a gateway box for fiber optic Internet access

To get this, call us at (509) 766-1345.

We will check with the PUD to verify that there is fiber service available in your area and then order the gateway box installation for you from the PUD.

There is a $55.00 charge from the PUD for the installation.

It usually take two to three weeks to get the gateway box installed after the order is placed.

(08/13/2014 – Because of a very high volume of new customer sign-ups, the PUD connection time is stretching out to three or four weeks at the moment. Please make note of this.)

(2) Network Cabling

The next step is the installation of a CATEGORY 5 (CAT 5) network cable from the PUD gateway into your home or office.

Cat 5 Network Cable

Cat 5 Network Cable

If you are skilled at this, you can do it yourself.

If not, then you need a Washington State licensed electrician to legally do it.

If you need help, we recommend Dave Cerrul of B & D Communications, here in Moses Lake. We have worked together with Dave for many years and he is a great fellow.

He is fully licensed by the State of Washington to install network cabling in homes and businesses.

His telephone number is: (509) 760-2727.

We will be happy to call him for you to get the process started.

(3) Internet Router (Preferred, but optional)

Next you should get and use an Internet Network Router (some people refer to it as their Internet modem.)

Internet Router

Internet Router

We highly recommend that you use one of these devices to protect your computer from the outside world Internet users.

We have them available for about $60.00 or if you already have one we will use it. Just bring it into us and we will configure it to work on our network.

There is no charge for configuring your router.

After your home is wired, then we can activate the connection to the Internet and give you service.

(4) Enjoy the Internet

Example of an Internet connection using an Internet router

Example of an Internet connection using an Internet router

Our Service Prices are below::

1) Basic PUD Monthly Connection (Recommended for normal Internet Home Usage): $49.95 (New Price Effective June 1, 2014)

This account is suitable for movie watching, Internet browsing, music listening, game playing and email access.

2) Premium PUD Monthly Connection (Recommended for Critical Business Usage): $59.95

Selecting the Premium Monthly Connection option enables us to provide you with higher priority responses from the Grant County PUD to get you back online in the event they, the PUD, have a large scale fiber outage.

We reserve the right to limit or adjust the flow of data through your GCPowerNet Internet connection as needed to maintain and insure the best possible connections for all users. This may include putting a flow limiter on your Internet port if we see that you are streaming (downloading) enough data from the Internet to cause problems for our service or for other customers. We are commited to making sure that the network runs well and operates properly.

Currently we are running a management script to better balance all data flows to fit within our upstream capability. In some cases where large amounts of continuous access is required, (ie: large industrial users), our script may prove to be restrictive. For the majority of home and small business users, it will not be a problem.


We just received a clarification from the Grant County PUD on the new definitions, BASIC and PREMIUM, that are available to you and us on the fiber system. Here is a quote from them:

“When your customer calls with a problem and you have already verified that it is not on your end, you call the NOC at 509-793-XXXX.

The NOC will verify that your customer is either a “Basic” or “Premium” customer.

They then create a ticket and assign it to the lead workgroup.

The lead workgroup works from 7 AM – 3:30 PM, Monday – Friday.

“Basic” customers are cared for during this timeframe. All work on “Basic” customers will stop at 3:30 PM. Work will continue the next business day.

“Premium” customers are given priority. The workgroup foreman receives a phone call from the NOC telling them of your priority customer. Work will continue on that account until service is restored, regardless of time of day.”

So the difference between the two type of connections from the PUD is the level of services available and the hours of availability for those services. BASIC means next business day service from the PUD. PREMIUM means anytime any hour service from the PUD.

All of our Grant County PUD fiber service connections are currently 100 Megabit network connections.

We certainly hope that you will give us a try and select us as your service provider.

Our office phone number is (509) 766-1345.

Our regular office business hours for connections, payments and questions are weekdays, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Thank you,

Grant County PowerNet Staff
Internet Access Service Provider, Moses Lake, WA

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