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Be Ready When Fiber Is Turned Up In The New Areas!


We offer a special discounted introductory rate for new subscribers so that you can try out our services and see if you like us.

We offer and can provide Internet access to these service these areas and communities within Grant County, WA.

Beverly, Cascade Valley, Coulee City, Desert Aire, Ephrata, George, Grand Coulee, Krupp, Lakeview, Lakeview Park, Mae, Marlin, Mattawa, Moses Lake, Moses Lake North, Quincy, Royal City, Ruff, Schwana, Soap Lake, Warden, Stratford, Trinidad, Wheeler, Wilson Creek, Winchester

We work with the Grant County PUD and use their fiber network to get you to the Internet and to deliver content from the Internet back to you.

New Subscribers can sign up for $39.95 per month for the first three months of service using a 100 megabit connection.

If you fill out the form below for future fiber in a new area, we will then add you to our list and call you as soon as the PUD tells us it is available.

You can also use the form below to order fiber in an area that currently has it available.

Please feel free to call us if you prefer using the phone.

Either way we look forward to helping you get connected with the best Internet option available.

Call us at this phone number: (509) 766-1345 .

If you call after hours just let it ring through to voice mail and we will get the message.


Internet Service Pricing:


Basic Fiber 100 X 100 Internet Service: $52.95 Monthly

This is a 100 Megabit Internet connection from the PUD Gateway box into your home or business. This is our most common connection and is the “best buy” for 99% of our Internet customers. It will easily handle your video streaming needs for television and movie watching. It is an “unlimited usage” account, meaning that you can use it 24 X 7 and not worry about getting overage charges for data.

You should have a modern Gigabit Internet router to use this service or any of the other higher capacity services listed below,


Basic Fiber 250 X 250 Internet Service: $ 64.95 Monthly

This is a 250 Megabit Internet connection from the PUD Gateway box into your home or business. We have this higher capacity account for users who need to move a lot of data in a very short time.

Most of you will never use the capacity of this connection.

You must have a modern Gigabit Internet router to use this service.


Basic Fiber 1000 X 1000 Internet Service: $ 84.95 Monthly

New Price Starting August 1, 2020 – $74.95 Monthly

This is a 1 Gigabit Internet connection from the PUD Gateway box into your home or business. We have this very high capacity account available for the very few users who need to move a huge amount of data to and from the Internet.

Most of you will never need the capacity of this connection.

You must have a modern Gigabit Internet router to get the maximum benefit of this service.


Premium Internet Service Option: $10.00 Monthly

This is an add-on option that we can get for you from the Grant County PUD. It gives us the a 24X7 call out service from the Grant County PUD for your account. If you have a PUD equipment failure and have this service, we can call the PUD and they will dispatch PUD technicians to come out and fix your problem. You still have to go through us to get the PUD service but it gives us the ability to provide you with 24 X 7 repair services for your Fiber gateway box and connection from the PUD.

If you own a business and run a things things over the Internet like credit card machines or if you depend upon connection to a cloud-based or over-the-Internet database service to do business on the weekends, we recommend that you choose this option. Just let us know when you sign up or if you wish to add it on to an existing account, just call us.


We do not have long-term entangling or entrapping contracts. We offer our Internet service on a month-by-month basis. You pay for the month that you are going to use. You may quit or turn off your service at any time without penalties. It is both a goal and a desire on our part that you have a great business experience with us. We try to make it as easy and simple as we can to get service from us.

Snow Birds

We love Snow Birds (people who come and go from their northern homes to their southern homes). We have many! With us, there is no penalty, no hidden charges or extra fees for being a Snow Bird.

When you are ready to leave in the fall to head South, just contact us and we will stop your Internet service on the day you wish and it will stop the billing. When you are ready to come back from the South. just give us a call and let us know when you will be back and we will turn the Internet on and have it waiting for you. We have taken care of Snow Birds for over twenty years of providing Internet services.

Office Address and Hours

We are located at:

220 S Ash St
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Business Hours:

Weekdays: M-T-W-TH-F (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)