High Speed Internet Access in Moses Lake

The new address for getting your GCPowerNet email using a web browser is:




Ready for Internet Service?

$39.95 for the first Three Months

Regular Monthly Fiber Internet Service Rates:

$ 49.95 Monthly
(no contract – no usage limit)
Home and Small Businesses
(Up to 10 computers or devices)

$ 59.95 Monthly
(no contract – no usage limit)
Home and Small Businesses
(Up to 10 computers or devices)

$ 69.95 Monthly
(no contract – no usage limit)
(More than 10 computers or devices or less than 25)

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Businesses – Large scale businesses
(More than 25 computers or devices)

(available after June 1, 2015)
$ 34.95 Monthly
(No Contract – Can be Upgraded At Any Time Without Penalty)

This is a new account type that we just created. It is for those who want Fiber Internet but who do not plan on using it heavily.

It is designed for web browsing, getting email, shopping, staying in touch with friends on Facebook and other social media but may or may not be able to support movie watching and other high-volume data activities. Download speeds are capped at two megabytes down and one megabyte up.

IF you try this service and find that it does not meet your Internet needs then a quick phone call to us
and it can be easily upgraded to either a BASIC or PREMIUM Internet Account.



(What is the difference)?

It is a PUD definition for their support services.

The actual fiber connections in both cases are exactly the same.

The PREMIUM account distinction enables us to get weekend and after regular business hours call-out technical support from the PUD in case you have a problem related to PUD Equipment, like a Gateway going down.

Example: It is 7:00 PM at night. You own a restaurant and depend upon the Internet for processing your credit cards. The Internet stops working and it is a PUD gateway problem.

If you have the PREMIUM connection from the PUD, we can call and get a PUD technician dispatched to come and replace your downed Gateway and get you back on line. Without the PREMIUM connection status, the call would go into the PUD’s regular weekly work queue and it might take a couple of days for the PUD to get to you.

IF you depend upon having your Internet service working seven days a week, we highly recommend that you upgrade your account to the PREMIUM service.

If you can live without Internet for a couple of days if you PUD Gateway fails, then the BASIC connection will serve you fine.

Remember, they are the same in connectivity and speed.


How do I get a Grant County Fiber Internet Connection?:

Here are the usual scenarios for installations:

1) Moving into a location (home or business) that has previously had PUD Fiber services.

a) Call us. (509-766-1345) We will check with the PUD to make sure that the PUD gateway box is there and that it is functional.

b) Order the service. (Payment for your first month of service is required at this time)

c) The PUD will turn on the service at the gateway box.

d) We will assist you in getting your Internet router configured and your devices connected.

e) Enjoy your new Internet service!

2) Moving into a location that has not previously had PUD Fiber services.

a) Call us. (509-766-1345) We will check with the PUD to make sure that Fiber services are available at your location.

b) Order the new service. (Prepayment for the hookup is required at this time – See the prices below)

c) The PUD will install the new Fiber Gateway box at your location. When everything on their end is completed they will contact us and let us know that they are finished.

d) We, or you can do it yourself or hire it done by a contractor, it doesn’t matter to us, will come to your home or business and install the necessary CAT 5 network cabling and the special power supply required to power up the PUD Fiber Gateway. We will also set your Internet router and your computer and other devices and make sure that everything is working properly for you.

e) Enjoy your new Internet service!






Installing the necessary CAT 5 Ethernet network cabling from the PUD Gateway into your home (up to 50 feet of cable)

Installing your Internet Router device on the fiber network (Customer Supplied Router)

Setting up your computers and other devices to use the Internet

This is a through-the-outer-wall cable installation.

We do not install in attics or go under houses to do wiring and we do not fish cables down through walls.

If you need an wiring in through an attic, underneath a home or down through the inside of a wall please let us know and we will recommend someone for you to call.




What if I want to do my own network cabling or use another wiring contractor?

You can do your own Ethernet cabling or use another electrical contractor, just let us know at the time you place your order for service.

If you do your own Ethernet cabling you will still need us to come and power up the Gateway. The charges for powering up the Gateway are listed at the bottom of this page.

We highly recommend Dave at B&D Communications of Moses Lake for this job. .

We have worked with him for years and he is excellent to do business with and will do a first class job for you. If you should decide to have him do it, just have him call us and we will work with him to get you going.

You can call him at (509) 760-2727.




We can still order your gateway and provide your Internet service, but you are not limited to using us for your gateway power up and network cabling installation.





Includes: Coming to your home or business and installing the necessary items to power up your PUD gateway.

This is something new initiated by the PUD, effective May 1st, 2015.

Editorial Comment:

We couldn’t believe it when the PUD adopted this new gateway power supply policy. They will no longer power up their own fiber Gateway equipment.

For Pete’s sake, it is their equipment!

They have off-loaded the expense and the responsibility of powering up their fiber equipment onto the Service Providers and their Internet Customers.

At this time, they will still provide the power supply for the gateway, but they will not dispatch their electricians to install it.

They say it costs them too much money.

Frankly, we, the authorized fiber Internet service providers think it is a terrible idea.

We argued unsuccessfully with the PUD Management Staff to do something else but they refused.

This is something that they initiated completely upon their own.

We are opposed to it.

We hope that PUD Fiber Internet customers will call the Grant County PUD Commissioners and ask them why they authorized this policy. Maybe if enough people complain, the commissioners will re-think this policy and reverse it.

Please contact the Grant County PUD Commissioners to let them know if you disagree with their new policy:

LINK: Grant County PUD Commissioners

In the meantime, we think that Grant County resident voters should be looking for a new set of PUD Commissioners for the next election.

Gateway Power Up Prices:

Moses Lake Area (Up to a ten mile radius): $ 75.00

Ephrata/Soap Lake Area: Add $10.00

Quincy/George Area: Add $20.00

Royal City/ Mattawa Area: Add $ 30

Coulee City/Wilson Creek Area: Add $ 20.00